Human Resources 4500-5499
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Job requirements

  • Job category: Human Specialist
  • Number of recruiters: 2 people
  • Work location: Xihu District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province
  • Work experience: Unlimited
  • Language requirements: Unlimited
  • Contact: Muyi
  • Contact number: 0571 8 ***** 796 (View Contact after logging in)
  • Demand professional: [Undergraduate] E -commerce,[Undergraduate] Chinese International Education,[Undergraduate] Chinese Language and Literature (Foreign Foreign Secrets),[Undergraduate] Chinese Language Literature (Normal),[Undergraduate] Network and New Media,[Undergraduate] dafabet online casino gamesInternational Business,[Undergraduate] Financial engineering,[Undergraduate] International Economy and Trade,[Undergraduate] International Business (International Finance),[Undergraduate] International Economic and Trade (Teaching of the United Kingdom),[Undergraduate] Accounting,[Undergraduate] Computer Science and Technology,[Undergraduate] Cross -border e -commerce,[Undergraduate] International Business (Specialty Copy),[Undergraduate] Computer Science and Technology (College),[Undergraduate] E -commerce (cross -border e -commerce direction) (specialty book),[Undergraduate] Primary School Education (Normal),[Undergraduate] Preschool Education (Normal dafabet slot machine gameUniversity),[Undergraduate] Mathematics and Applied Mathematics (Normal University),[Undergraduate] Science Education (Normal University),[Undergraduate] Preschool education major,[Undergraduate] Application of electronic technology,[Undergraduate] Preschool Education (Normal University) (Specialty Copy),[Undergraduate] Travel Management,[Undergraduate] Tourism Management (All -British Teaching),[Undergraduate] Exhibition Economy and Management,[Undergraduate] International Economic and Trade (International Students),[Undergraduate] Tourism Management (Specialty Book),[Undergraduate] Music (Normal University),[Undergraduate] Fine Arts (Normal),[Undergraduate] dafabet sports betting websiteFine Arts (Application Art Design direction),[Undergraduate] Art and Technology,[Undergraduate] Art and Technology (traditional handicraft direction),[Undergraduate] Music performance,[Undergraduate] Visual communication design and production,[Undergraduate] Music (Normal University) (Specialty),[Undergraduate] Fine Arts (Application Art Design direction) (specialized book),[Undergraduate] Cross -border e -commerce,[Undergraduate] Test major,[Undergraduate] Translation (British -Hankou Translation direction),[Undergraduate] Translation,[Undergraduate] Business English
  • Education requirements: Undergraduate
  • Job nature: Full -time

Job description

Introduction to the unit

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Contact information

  • Contact number: 0571 8 ***** 796 (View Contact after logging in)
  • Postcode:310000
  • Unit Address:7 Building of Huatai Pioneer Park 206

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