Hangzhou Family Education Network Division Recruitment Part -time job part -time college students and students
8500-9499 | Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province | part -time | Unlimited
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Reminder: Resisting recruitment fraud,Strengthen self -protection,Consume property with any reason,All suspected illegal,Please be alert!
  • Function category:Family Education
  • Number of recruiters:20 people
  • Work experience:Unlimited
  • Language requirements:Unlimited
  • Contact: 佘 求
  • Contact number: 0571-8 dafabet sports betting website***** 689 (View contact information after login)
  • Demand professional:[Undergraduate] Accounting、Russian、Business English、Business English (international students)、International Business、International Business (International Finance)、International Economic and Trade、International Economic and Trade (Teaching of all Britain)、International Economic and Trade (International Students)、Turkish language、Major Education Primary Education、Preschool Education (Normal University)、Elementary Education (Normal University)、Application electronic technology、German、Italian、Mathematics and Application Mathematics (Normal University)、Travel Management、Tourism dafa888.com casinoManagement (Teaching of All British)、Japanese、Korean language、Chinese International Education、Chinese Language Literature (Normal)、Chinese Language and Literature (Foreign Secretary)、French、E -commerce、Science Education (Normal University)、Network and New Media、Fine Arts (Normal)、Fine Arts (Application Art Design direction)、Fine Arts (Application Art Design direction) (Specialty for Promotion)、Translation、Translation (British Hankou Translation direction)、Art and Technology、Art and Technology (traditional handicraft direction)、English、English teacher、English (Normal)、Portuguese、Spanish (Chinese and foreign cooperative schools)、Visual communication design and dafabet sports betting websiteproduction、Computer Science and Technology、Cross -border e -commerce、Cross -border e -commerce、Financial Engineering、Arabic、Music (Normal University) (Specialty Copy)、Music performance
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Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province

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